Some Great Software For Chatting Through Mobile


Suddenly, your hobby is chatting with friends online. But to chat with your friends, you have to sit on the PC first, then start the computer. Connect to Net Connection, then sign in to Yahoo Messenger, then go online to friends. And if you see that nobody is online, then the mood is very high!

However, Internet browsing is integrated into mobile phones for the benefit of technology. If you use a handset with an internet facility, you will not need a PC for chatting. Chatting the arrangement of several applications will give you mobile. Let’s know some of the software that you can use for free.

eBuddy Mobile Messenger

E-Buddy Mobile Messenger is one of the most popular chatting platforms/applications through which you can log in and chat from your mobile with your Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN, and AOL. This is a tiny application that supports Java MIDP 2.0

If you want to do so without logging in, you can log in to the desired client and chat directly from your mobile browser. However, downloading the main application is good. To download the app, visit your mobile phone’s browser and select the model number of your handset and download the original file.


Another famous name in the world of chatting is MiG-33. It will also give you free chatting in Yahoo! or MSN Messenger as well as in their chat rooms. Alongside this, they will also offer voice mail and SMS facility at affordable prices in the country and abroad under premium services.

If your friend is offline by using MiG-33, you can send him SMS via the Buzz feature and invite him to come online. For MiG-33 buzzing, the price is far less than the regular SMS tariff. However, to avail of this facility, your friend’s phone number must be linked to your contact list. To download MiG-33, visit your mobile phone using and download the brand and model number of the handset you are using MiG-33. Make your life more dynamic.


Nimbabaj is another famous and most popular software in the world of mobile chatting. If you download this popular software on your mobile, you can access it together by using Skype Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, GTalk, Jabber, Facebook, MySpace and more. Nimbuzz’s voice calls and some of the premier services are also available. However, you can get free services such as chat or login to Facebook / MySpace.

However, if the size of the penned main file is a bit bigger, it may be difficult to download it in some handsets. The best way is to download the data at the PC first or by using Bluetooth or data cable to Mobile. But before you can verify that you can directly support your phone.

Yahoo! Go

Yahoo! Go itself is a mobile application of Yahoo itself, which will bring your Yahoo! world to the forefront. Using a Yahoo! app, you can access all your Yahoo! services. For example, you can read emails, chat in Messenger, view photos saved in Flickr, or upload new images, or even view photos of friends. Even specific maps of the city include Yahoo! Go. Besides, you can learn about the weather and predictions of any city in the world. In general, Yahoo Yahoo has created the whole world to bring the world to its hands.

The size of this application is about one megabyte or more than that. Besides, this application transfers a lot of data. So if you do not use unlimited data plan internet connection, then this software is not good to use. This software is mainly made for unlimited data plans for internet users.


It is meant to be free of charge that you will not be charged any fees for using these applications. However, your internet service provider or operator must be charged for network traffic. If your internet package is an Unlimited Data Plan, then there is nothing to worry about. You can do as much as surfing the net. You have to pay a specific bill. But if you are calculating kilobytes, you have to use the controls, even though these applications transfer very little data, due to which your charge decreases.