Misfit Unveiled Its New Path Hybrid Smartwatch


Hybrid Smartwatch:

Misfit unveiled its new Pathway smartwatch. Dubbed a “hybrid smartwatch” and following an aptitude that we are seeing more manufacturers pursue. The Path tries to blend the look of a grade watch with the increased functionality of a hybrid smartwatch. In a market where interest in grade smartwatches seems to be declining, hybrids like the Path might be capable to get an audience. If you’ve used a hybrid smartwatch earlier, then you perhaps meantime know what to hope out of the way.

The Misfit Path trades the full functionality of a smartwatch for a design that looks much traditional. And also making a request to those who value aesthetics in what they endure on their wrists. It is also a good option for those who do not like the idea of recurrently charging a smartwatch, as Way doesn’t need charging at the whole.

Traditional Design:

As you can conceive, the fact that it carries a traditional design with no LCD means you won’t have the full range of smartwatch features at your settlement. You’ll still be capable to twin the Path with your phone via Bluetooth. And also its 3-axis accelerometer allows it to track your any steps, distance, burned calories, and sleep patterns. Despite the fact that it does not have a display, you can still have it give you customized call, text, and email notifications. Thereby prompting you to haul your mobile out of your pocket.

It will be interesting to see how the Path stages for Misfit, in most cases because the audience for smartwatches seems to be shrinking. In fact, the only true smartwatch note nowadays has been the Apple Watch, with many more other manufacturers either displaying down releases or stopping them completely. Hybrid smartwatches, with their focus on compromise, could get some fans where smartwatches failed to win people over.


Best of all, the Path is fairly cheap, with a cost tag that lines up with other smartwatches and comes in good under the price of some analog watches. The Path is launching in four colors rose tone, stainless steel, gold tone, and stainless steel with a gold-tone accent and is obtainable now from Misfit’s website for $149.99.