Best Programming Language for AI Machines


Artificial Intelligence is in limelight these days! AI machines are finding their application in almost every field, but the program them is still an uphill task. As there is no programming language yet that fulfills the demands and can use only to program. The AI machines, other languages are being used, that so far serve us well. While the researchers and developers are working to introduce a language that dedicates to AI machines, we can use a few languages instead of waiting for them to complete their research.


Python is one of the trending languages nowadays. Developers indulged in the programming of AI machines often use this because of its seamless and simple structure. And, it is the perfect solution for NLP problems! Creating a neural network in this language is quite easy as it has a huge inbuilt library. Functional style of the programming is comparatively good for testing algorithms without implementing them and has several other features. This language using for developing games, in web designing, data science, and many other areas. So, the next time someone asks you what all can do with Python, you know the answer, “everything.”



This is the second oldest programming language, and it is good for the AI machines. You will amaze to know that this language introduced many ideas in computer science, higher-order functions, and many others. Some of the popular names in the industry such as Grammarly, Sistemas Cognitivos, and many others., use it, as it yields the best results in accordance with their requirements.


Prolog is also one of the oldest languages. When you’ll compare it with other languages active today, you’ll get to know that it is declarative. It is also suitable enough to create expert systems and solve problems. The Other factors are this language from the rest include automatic backtracking, tree-based data structuring, etc.


Artificial Intelligence Markup Language is a dialect of XML and this language used to create chatbots in this days. With adequate knowledge of this language, one can easily create partners for a conversation that speak the natural language. This language has various patterns of conversation with a chatbot, templates that contain possible response, and unit of knowledge.


Following the principle of WORE(Write Once Read Everywhere), JAVA codes can execute on every platform and do not must more recompilation as it uses Virtual Machine. This language mainly used, search engines, neural networks, and many others platform. The programme required to solve the problems while programming the machines.