Facebook Too Slow To Deal With Hack Says Philippa


Philippa Hanna:

Country and gospel singer Philippa Hanna said Facebook was hard to contact and took various days to act. The attacker changed her username and contact details. So Ms. Hanna was locked out of her own account and even ridiculed her followers. The company says it has a dedicated reporting channel but is inquiring. Ms. Hanna has supported Leona Lewis, Lionel Ritchie, and Little Mix on tour and has much than 6,000 followers and 5,000 friends on Facebook. She was concerned by the hijack cause she used her account to raise her music, and her account was linked to another website that stored her bank trifles.

Yorkshire Police:

According to Ms. Hanna, South Yorkshire Police told her to appear the matter up on Google. The police force has been contacted by the BBC for comment. Ms. Hanna said she contacted Facebook as soon as she convinced what had happened, but found it very hard to find a response. One of the bad things was being stuck in a loop of automated emails telling me to attempt the similar things I had in the meantime tried, she said.

My friends were an attempt to report the page, but Facebook holds coming back, saying there’s nothing inventive about this account. There was not the choice to say the page had been hijacked. There was a fake account option, but mine was not fake it was robbed.

Back Her Account:

Ms. Hanna says she has now back her account. The lady who lasts all helped me was an angel. There are wonderful, clever people on Facebook but its far away too difficult to find to them, she said. There should be an instance helpline. I would merrily have paid a premium charge to speak to anyone if only it had been a choice. It would have value doing to saving my followers. Facebook said it was inquiring what had happened.

It said We want everyone to have a positive expertise on Facebook which is why we have a dedicated reporting channel on our Help Centre for people to save their account if they think it has been accommodating.