The Apple’s HomePod Is Here


Apple HomePod is a smart speaker that change your home audio experience, it’s a great news for the users.


Price and release date:

HomePod speaker is the best of the new speaker ideas of Apple. It’s a smart speaker and powerful device for music.
Do you want to buy this?So, You’ll be paying $349 for this speaker, but you won’t be able to buy it right now. Apple has announced it will release the HomePod on February 9th.


HomePod setup:

When you turn on the HomePod, it wants to learn where it is. It will send you a 360 beam of sound if there are any surfaces nearby, it finds it’s on a shelf.

It will also automatically work out whether there’s another speaker nearby and connect to it. That balances the sound to make sure the two are working well.

Pairing the Apple device involves simply holding it near the speaker in much the same way as in it.


Audio performance:

The impressive performance from the HomePod came when you heard two together. The two speakers created a great soundscape loud and clear. It would be interesting to hear this against stereo Sonos speakers, but HomePod proved that it was more than a capable speaker with its performance alone.


Size and features:

It is designed with an upward-facing woofer. Apple promises that it will rock almost any room with distortion-free audio. It has 7 beam-forming tweeters in its base.

It’s more than just a loud wireless speaker. It has Siri baked into it, that’s why everyone was calling it the Apple Siri Speaker at the launch event. It will be able to answer inquiries like the Home and Echo, The HomePod also access Apple Music’s 4 million song catalog with a simple voice command.

Voice commands are picked up by the speaker’s six-microphone array, that is one less than the number that can be found in the Amazon Echo.But unfortunately, Apple was silent on how well the speaker would work with other music services.

HomePod will be powerful on the inside too. It has a custom A8 chip, just like an iPhone. A8 means HomePod will be able to better predict when it hears its name.

It has bass management with a real-time software modeling. That means the speaker delivers the cleanest bass and It’ll be easy to pair with Apple devices.