The Features Should Have On Your Smartphone


If you open this post, then I close my eyes and assume that you have a smartphone. Not, then there is definitely no one in your family. It does not, then it must do in the near future, right? Because it is hard to live a life without a smartphone nowadays. But if you do not have some settings on this phone, you may have to pay a hard price for it. Let’s know, for the sake of your own security, the features that you have to start on smartphones should start now


Many do not want to turn on the SIM pin check feature. Because usually 3 times incorrect PIN code, then SIM card cannot restart without any other security code (Pak Code). The PCC code is written in the papers given with the SIM. If you change the PIN code of the SIM and then the PIN code is turned on, then enter the PIN code every time you start the phone. Otherwise, SIM will not activate. So if your phone is lost in such a situation, then no one can use SIM card.

Because its pin code only you know. When the pin code feature is turned on, the SIM will not activate on any phone – as long as the correct pin is not entered. The wrong PIN will permanently lose if it is incorrectly given 3 times incorrect PIN and 10 wrong code. So you can get rid of the unnecessary use of mobile phones by launching this important feature.

Storage Encryption

Even if you lock your smartphone with a password, it is possible to retrieve your pictures, videos, and all the saved data from it in a special way. Many people are wailing to lose ‘personal’ data after losing/missing the phone. But with the screen lock, if you keep both internal storage and memory card encrypted on the phone, it will not be possible to retrieve the phone and memory card data without the encryption/decryption password. Encryption for privacy is a popular technology that bypassing data is not a common man’s work. However, some research institutions and government authorities may have encryption bypass strategies, which cannot stop by anything.

GPS Tracking

When the phone’s data and location / GPS are activating, you can view the phone using the ‘Find My Device’ feature, and view the phone where it is local. Then you can play the ring loudly and/or lock the set or delete its data. But if the thief gives your phone factory reset, then GPS tracking will not work.

App Locker

If your phone is occasionally offered to others, you can use App Locker to protect your important data. Some phones, including Shawomi (including iPhone) settings, have app locker features that allow you to lock different functions of the phone, which cannot open without password/pattern/fingerprint. Apart from this, there are some apps which can use to launch this facility. So you can protect your privacy properly.

 Contact Online Synchronization

Keep your phone’s contacts, messages, and more synchronized online. Almost every phone maker company offers this service, so that the phone number, message, notes etc. can be stored online. You can also use Google Contact Apps for Android. And there is an Icloud for the iPhone.

Cloud File Storage

You can upload your important files, documents and more from the phone online. If you have any problems with the phone then you can access all your data again online. You can use Google Drive for this.

Upload Photos And Videos Online

Regardless of the amount of the phone’s storage, one day it will run out (ie it will be full). So you can synchronize photos and videos online so that some do not lose forever. In this case, you can use Google Photos and/or Flickr app. Free photos and videos can upload to Google Photos (resized). If you turn on WiFi, automatically upload them to the gallery, the privacy control you have in your hands. And you can upload photos of your flower resolutions on Flickr, up to a total of 1000 GB of space.

In addition to online, you can also keep these data back in the offline, ie your computer, so if the phone is unobtrusive, you will not lose your useful information. Some phones, such as the iPhone provide a very strong activation lock system, which can not use to access the phone without proper ID-password online. In the case of the iPhone, it is called Icloud Lock. If the Find My iPhone feature is turned on, then the Icloud lock or activation lock will start automatically. In such a situation, to reset the phone, Apple needs to sign-in. In that case, whose id needs to open with Apple ID, its ID password is required. If such an activation lock cannot open, then it can not use for any other purpose than unlocking the parts of the device.