VLC Media Player New Features


If we list the most loved media players of all times, then VLC is your best choice. After all, it is an open-source and free to use and cross-platform media and you can play every video format. That started its long journey from 1996 as an academic project. This new 3.0 version of VLC now comes with many new features that will make viewing richer and smoother.

Support for HDR Videos


Everyone is now talking about HDR videos. The format started as an image format is now getting popularity with videos as it brings out the true color with richer contrast and increased brightness. HDR video looks more real vivid when compared with the non-HDR video. Out of the various available HDR updated version of VLC comes with a support for HDR 10. The only thing that you need is a supportive hardware and software that can help VLC to run a video in HDR mode.


Enjoy 360-degree Videos Playback


You can watch 360-degree angle are always amazing to watch. Watch these videos you had to upload all these videos to either Facebook or YouTube. These sites handle the compression and make possible to watch a 360-degree. You do not wish to upload them on these social sites then you need to be completely dependent. But this monopoly is now going to end. Thanks to VLC 3.0 that will allow you to watch all 360-degree shot videos. The only thing you need to do is update your VLC to version 3.0 and start enjoying those awesome 360-degree videos.


Stream to Chromecast



With a steep increase of Chromecast devices, this new feature was just around the corner. Casting the live content was never a worry, it was the local content which is stored on our laptops or mobiles that needed to cast. The biggest problem that a user faced select between these third-party apps as many apps fail to deliver. Mainly when the content what you want to cast is of high resolution.