Google Help 911 To Improve Their System


Google Help 911:

Google has handled a trial of the latest modern technology that will help 911 operators find out the location of phone callers more precisely. The analysis included ten thousand plus of 911 calls over the span of sixty days in different states in the US and had supportive results.


The analysis was done in combination with two companies that have links into 911 centers. Under the present 911 system, wireless carriers responsible for providing location report. But it isn’t very correct. RapidSOS says that using Google’s most of the 911 calls had precise location info less than 40 seconds.

The 911 system, which turns 50 this month, has usually struggled to locate cell phone callers. Saving a minute in reply times can protect up to 10,000 lives a year, according to the federal regulators. Google’s information narrowed the expected radius of a caller’s location, from 522 feet down to 121 feet.

This development in tracing the data can also assist dispatchers. In cases where the caller might not talk English,or in a state of panic, gives the wrong address.

The analysis, which combined 50 call centers that cover around 2.4 million people in Texas. For the analysis, Google sent location info from a random choice of 911 callers using Android phones. Google’s location technology is only available in thirteen countries. The organization has said it expects to bring it to the US this year, the report said.