Google Is Planning To Launch A New Gmail design


Google Is Planning:

Google is planning to launch the latest design for its Gmail web interface as soon as possible. In an email to G Suite administrators, the company says the new design will include various new features that will also be made obtainable to regular Gmail accounts. Google promises a fresh clean look for Gmail on the web, with features like Smart Reply, the ability to slumber offline support, and emails.

New Design:

Google is not revealing accurately what the new design for Gmail looks like, but the company did currently launch the latest design for Google Calendar. The calendar was updated with modern colors, icons, and cleaner event boxes. Overall the design looked a lot much like the mobile app, and it’s logical to assume that Gmail itself will be updated in a similar pathway. Google did radically redesign Gmail for its several Inbox app back in 2014. But the company has stuck to the original Gmail design so far away for its web version.

Google’s Gmail redesign will be obtainable in the coming weeks as a quick entry program for G Suite Gmail accounts and customers. Google is looking to test troublesome Chrome extensions, to confirm the new Gmail experience is suitable before it’s widely obtainable.


You’ll be able to snooze emails so that they repeat in your inbox days later or hours. This is a good pathway to clean your inbox if you cannot reply to a specific email just yet. If you use Gmail on your Android phone or iPhone, you may meantime be using smart replies. These produce replies will also be obtainable on At last, Google is working on a new pathway to store your emails on your computer for an offline entry. As the company slowly depends out Chrome Apps. And also Google will now be using grade web technologies to let your browser store your data. Google has yet to share screenshots of the latest design. Gmail’s web interface has not changed in years. You can possibly hope a new interface that follows Google’s Material design language.