Apple Music Hits 40 Million Subscribers


Apple Music:

Apple Music is continuing its upward climbing in subscriber count, quickening its motion as it seeks to overtake Spotify in the fight for users ears. The music streaming service now has 40 million subscribers, according to a report today from diversity. Apple has assured this number.

Still On The Way:

The service still has a pathway to go earlier it surpasses Spotify. Which nowadays has 70 million paid Premium subscribers. A report in The Wall Street Journal before this year suggests. That Apple Music’s quicker growth rate five percent versus Spotify’s two percent increase could mean. And also it surpassing the Swedish streaming service as soon as this summer, whatever. Apple Music reaches 30 million subscribers in September of 2017.

In addition to an updated note concerning subscriber notes, the report also says that the streaming service. They will have the latest boss with the promotion of Oliver Schusser to the role of VP of Apple Music & International Content. He will report straightly to services head Eddy Cue. Schusser has been at Apple for 14 years, earlier leading efforts outside the U.S. on satisfied efforts surrounding the App Store.

Apple’s Still Prominence:

Apple’s continued prominence in the music streaming market comes after a rocky introduction thanks to a total user interface. For Apple to continue to justice Spotify Premium subscribers, they are going to have to continue to focus on more intuitional app design. And also more knowing user recommendation engine, areas where Spotify is still holding strong ahead of it. With Spotify going a public previous month with a hefty market cap of $28 billion. It is clear that the company has a lot riding on its power to remain ahead of Apple in intelligence and continue driving more sophisticated playlists to users.


An area where Apple’s $9.99 per month service is indisputably succeeding is in the special tie among its Apple Music and audio hardware. Users of the AirPods and HomePod gain indispensable functionality for song playback only if they are subscribers to Apple Music.