Vizio’s New Revisions Of Its Entire Consumer 4K TV


Latest TV:

Vizio declared latest revisions of its plenary consumer 4K TV lineup today, with the new waves of the E-Series, D-Series, M-Series, and P-Series set to arrive in shops over the next several weeks. And if you visit the company’s website today, you will notice that Vizio again mentions to these devices as TVs not just displays because they all once again have TV coax and tuners inputs built-in.

New Flagship:

At the top of the 2018 family is a completely new flagship, the P-Series Quantum. Available only in a 65-inch model, the P-Series Quantum is the company’s brightest TV yet and reaches summit brightness of 2,000 nits. That should make things like explosions, fire, and other HDR goodness really pop to the point where you might require to look far away from the screen. On behalf, the old P-Series topped out over 500 nits in some HDR scenes.

The P-Series Quantum also has more complete-array native dimming zones 192 versus up to 120 in the regular 2018 P-Series. So it should put out some of the better deepest and contrast blacks you’ve ever seen from a Vizio-branded TV. And as Samsung has done with its QLED lineup, Vizio is now talking up quantum dot technology as a differentiator. It’s cost at $2,199.99, which is much more than the $1,799.99 asking cost for Vizio’s non-Quantum P-Series in the similar size. The P-Series Quantum will release sometime this summer, trailing the rest of the lineup by a bit. 75-inch price at $2,599.99,65-inch price at $1,799.99 and 55-inch price $1,199.99.


Over the last pair of years, Vizio’s M-Series has been a grand standard for those who do not require every feature and image spec of the P-Series. And the 2018 revision image below looks to continue that prestige. You are getting best 4K HDR photo quality with Dolby Vision. And also local dimming for a lower price than the upper-tier TVs.