Google Assistant Finally Works On Pixel C Tablets


Google Assistant:

Google Assistant has been attainable on Pixel mobiles from the find-go and has expanse to virtually every device that’s even vaguely efficient at handling it. But there has been a shining anomaly the Pixel C. Yes, all other Android tablets have had the AI helper for an all. Google’s own slate has gone without. That shining error might not exist for much longer Pixel C owners have reported that their phones now have an Assistant entry. Google Lens is not accessible unsurprising when it only just initiated reaching non-Pixel handsets. But you can use Assistant in a landscape where other tablets need portrait mode.

Google Confirmed:

Google confirmed to Engadget that the expanse started. It is not particular why it took so long for the Pixel C to find Assistant. But it’s certainly not the widest audience obtainable. The tablet is relatively old, having launched in 2015. And then Google did not provide sales data during the tablet’s two-year sales run. It’s out of danger to say it did not sell in large numbers. Google wants to make Assistant as worldwide obtainable as much as possible, and that means targeting the biggest user bases first.

We’ve heard many users prosecute about the lack of Assistant on the Pixel C. When it hit Marshmallow tablets then Lollipop tablets, leaving the Pixel C Assistant-less even although it ran Oreo. It was perhaps even more disheartening to watch the Pixelbook find it. Just like on smartphones, Assistant on the Pixel C pops up on the bottom third of the display with the caliber to speak or type your commands. The results you’ll find with the Assistant on the tablet are hugely similar. But there are pairs of memorable things going on here.


For one, Lens is not a section of the Assistant on the Pixel C. While this is a Pixel product, it makes sense that Google wouldn’t qualify it here seeing that many mobiles do not offer the functionality yet. On a positive note, although, the Assistant does clinch landscape on the Pixel C, something that cannot be said about another Android tablets.