Bring Back Google View Image Button


View Image Button:

Google is making a change to image search Yesterday. Google unexpectedly removed the View button from Image Search. It sounds small but it will have a big impact. when a user clicked on a picture, which is open alone. Users are extremely like this button.

A user can not save images from google. Users need to take extra steps to save an image. Users are frustrated about this but this is great news for publishers. Chrome and Firefox have browser extensions that bring the button back within 24 hours. Google’s removed the view button for a deal with Getty Images.

Getty Images is one of the biggest stock photo agencies in the world. It is an American agency. Its headquarters situated at Seattle, Washington, United States. Business and consumers are buy stock images from this agency. The deal was if Google removes view image button then google can use Getty products and services.

A browser extension or add-ons bring back the View Image button for all. Go to your browser add-ons or extension page. Then search image view and install it. When install done then use it.  The elimination of the button doesn’t really stop anyone. There are just a few couple of steps. Search an image in google image search then click on the Visit button. When the page loaded to find the high-resolution version of the image then right click on it and save it to your computer.