Charge Your Smartphone’s Battery With Right Way


Charge Your battery:

This might come as a shock, but most of you have been charging the devices like phones, tablets the incorrect way. You must have listened or read on WhatsApp about the mobile on overnight charging blowing up causing damages to the people while the person was asleep. Well don’t worry, the overnight charging wouldn’t do that to your device. But it is also not suggested, according to the findings of Cadax. A company that offers devices that experiment phone and other batteries.

According to Battery University, which the company runs for free, the device needs to charge in short bursts and that too frequently, if you want a better overall battery lifetime.
It doesn’t matter if you just charge up 10% or 20%. As according to Battery University: “Partial charges cause no damage”. Also, if you need to offer the wear and cut to your battery, do not hit the red area, which is fifteen percent in the maximum of the devices.
Try to keep the phone between 65% to 75%. According to the website, this range named “the sweet spot”.

Many of you might be thought that “hey, I don’t have a desk work. I won’t be around a wall socket all the time”. Well, in that case, hold your hands on a power bank.
The specialists have also suggested that never ever, never ever, never ever charge your battery completely. Try to store it around 95 and you are better to go.

Why do you ask?

Well, that’s because today’s new lithium-ion batteries do “not required to be completely charged, nor is it charming to do so”. The website states: “In fact, it is good not to completely charge because a high voltage stresses the battery”. And now, the final point, which may confuse you. ‘You don’t need to eliminate the charger when it’s complete’
What? ‘I simply read something on the contrary’. Well, yes you are correct. But, if it so occurs that you have left your device on charging and it has hit the cent percent mark, then the charger, according to the website, will automatically turn off. Still, it is suggested that you abstain leaving your device on overnight charging, hitting the hundred percent mark and inculcate the habit of juicing up the phone frequently and in small doses.