Need To Know When You Buying A Power Bank


Regardless of the time technology improves, the battery is not yet born to keep customers happy with the battery backup of the smartphone. If you are traveling or traveling, where there is no system of charge, then the use of the phone becomes more and more.

Power Bank has discovered to solve this charging-related issue from time-to-time phones. This is basically a battery pack made up of some rechargeable batteries, which can charge on the mobile battery from the accumulate charge and charge later on. There are currently many types of power banks available in the market. But what should you buy? In this post, we will see how to buy the right Power Bank.

Capacity Or Charge Capacity

The most important factor in purchasing Power Bank is its capacitance or charge capabilities. To get the best experience, there are at least 10 thousand MAH capacities power banks. But since there is no end to ‘good’, you can also take 20 thousand MAH (or more) power banks if you want. If your phone’s battery is 3,000 mAh, then a 10 thousand MAH power bank can charge your phone at least 3 times.

The Price

In Bangladesh, around 20 thousand MAH capacity mobile power banks are priced around Tk 2500. So adjust your budget and needs.

The Time Required To Charge And Pay

Depending on how much time a power bank will take for full charge depends on its own capacity and charger capacity. However, power banks advise taking two to two and a half to four and a half hours. Usually, mobile phone chargers are charge with power bank. Mobile chargers output at roughly 5 volt and 2-ampere rates for output. Take a minimum of 4.5 hours to charge 10 thousand MAH Power Bank charges with such a charger.

Many power banks can promise to charge faster than normal chargers due to having two output options (2A / 1A). But you do not need to “charge quickly” your expectations from Power Bank. Rather than charging in normal time only enough. You do not have to worry about charging time when buying a good brand power bank.

Size And Shape

As the power bank’s work is being portable, they need to be aware of their size and size when buying them. There are many power banks that are round, which cannot carry in pockets. Best of all, if you can buy a four-shaped power bank like a phone. Then you can carry it in the pocket if needed. And the power bank’s weight is not too high. You can still look for alternatives while buying.

Additional Features

Additional features of Power Bank include Charge Indicators, Extra Output Port, Torch etc. Charge indicator light / LCD display will show you how much the charge is left or how much. It has charged. If you have an additional output port, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. In addition, some power banks may have solar chargers, although chargers like this may take a lot of time to charge.