Experience In The Virtual World


Many of them have a hobby of expensive BMW. But some of the expensive cars have to made with the order, so many cars do not have the experience of riding. In such a car, the experience of riding in such a car in the virtual world can found in the smartphone application.

Reality Visualizer

BMW has recently released Unmanned Reality Visualization Apps. It’s the world’s first automotive app built using Google’s Tango 3D AR technology. The app is available for download in Google Play Store.The BMW I & Samsung Virtual Reality app connects the world of the Smart Home with the world of Smart Mobility into an overall experience of the Smart Living: high-quality, urban, modern and realistic.

Interactive Experience

BMW authorities say that if the app installs on the Smartphone with the Tango technology. The virtual interactive experience can found in the BMW car. If the electronic BMW Cherry and Hybrid BMW IE8 Supercar are launching, then using this app, the user can get the experience. However, it has just been released in Europe for the time being. It will release soon to other places.

Vice President BMW

BMW Group Vice President André Castronovo said, “We know that customers are busy people We have to accustom to living their life. Now customers will be able to see our products through interesting and interactive. “The BMW authorities say, such advanced real-time applications will soon become one of the new cars markets. Especially for expensive cars In 2017, BMW gave this app the idea of consumer electronics show in January. They also tested the app with BMD Blue Dealers in Europe.

Real Feeling

Castronovo said users have enjoyed the great fun while using the app. While using it, there is a feeling that the app user is sitting in the car. Many people have to bow down to the head of the vehicle to avoid a headache. This is a very real feeling in the virtual world.