This Is The Clearest Leak Yet Of The LG G7 ThinQ


Upcoming Phone:

This year looks to bring main changes for LG. After years of an underperforming phone division, LG is taking a hard look at all its lineups and making some main changes to best compete in the smartphone market. This starts with a revision to the G series which might undergo its largest year-to-year change. LG has not accurately done a good job of keeping its next flagship mobile a secret, with leaks revealing enormous of details about G7 ThinQ over the last couple of months. Today, we are finding what’s easily the fair, most straightforward look at the mobile yet a marketing phone, leaked by AndroidHeadlines, that’s meant to display the G7’s front and back in all obtainable colors.

Various Colors:

The mobile will pointedly come in five colors: gray, red, black, and two blue options, one of which will be matte, according to AndroidHeadlines. Another way, the photo really just confirms what we meantime know. This mobile will definitely have a notch at the top. And it seems to have an extra button on the left side, probably to activate the mobile’s AI features. The mobile is supposed to be unveiled on May 2nd, so that means we still have about three many weeks of leaks to go.

LG has been attaching the “ThinQ” branding to commonly whole of its new stuff this year, as a pathway to indicate. And that it comes with some amount of AI features. Its first ThinQ mobile was the V30S, and its AI highlight in most cases limited to camera sustaining features.

Find A Notch:

The LG G7 find a notch, according to a leaked video of the handset at MWC 2018. Only, it’s incorporating an application trick to make the notch facultative. The black-out notch can protrude from the screen, as on the iPhone X, or it can be hidden within a flush on-screen bezel, as on the Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s your option.


We have also heard that the LG G7 ThinQ will have a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage high-finish specs. And also indeed an earlier on benchmark saw it beating even the Samsung Galaxy S9. There is a lot about LG’s 2018 flagship that can perhaps glean from the G6, although. Considering that it was the first major smartphone to release with little bezels and an 18:9 aspect ratio. That signs point to the next mobile keeping in line with that common design philosophy a big, tall screen in a dense build. After seeing how well Samsung’s curved edge display testing turned out. It is making the core S product, even more, refine the LG G7 would the accurate test. And also bed for a brand latest curved look. And with the hope being that the learnings will feed on making future G mobiles even good looking. LG is famous for making mobiles that have removable batteries. Take the LG G4, LG G5, LG V10 and LG V20 as some current examples. So there is small to no reason as to why its next flagship should not have this sought-after feature.


The LG G7 ThinQ will declare on May 2 in New York, LG  now confirm. The company has not said when you’ll be capable to purchase it, but the new rumors point to mid-May. That hugely lines up with other current release date rumors. Which stated the mobile would launch towards the finish of April or beginning of May, with shipping advanced in May.