The Effect Of Uses Smartphones


With the help of the people, now everyone is wearing the smartphones. However, the excellence of technology uses to meet our needs, and its harmful aspects are not as low. Head down, eyes are often seen on the street on the smartphones’ screen and are often seen on the way.

The British daily Guardian AK has termed such a walk ‘Smartphone Walk’ as a ‘boring’. It also calls wicking. Researchers from the University of Delaware in the United States said that walking with the use of the phone changes people’s movement. This report is about the impact of the use of the regular mobile phone.

BlackBerry Thumb

One study found that 2.6 million British citizens suffered from obesity due to use of gadgets. Due to repeat use of devices due to the use of the device, this pain call ‘Blackberry Thumb’. The pain that falls in the neck due to looking down to see the device’s screen call as an ambush. The mass of our head is 10 to 12 pounds, and for a long time, it puts an extra pressure on the spinal side. For example, the 15-degree bending head increases the weight on the neck to 27 pounds. According to the report of 2014, this problem spread further as ‘text neck’.

Eye Problem

Opticians have warned that the blueprint of the smartphone screen is extremely harmful and excessive use of smartphones can cause long-term eye damage. Eyelashes, headaches, and decreased vision associated with phone and computer use.
It knows in the study that ’89 percent of Indiana University’s graduate students are still feeling the ‘miraculous’ mobile hybrid when their phones remain firm. The problem of ‘phantom vibration’ consider as the primary cause of anxiety. This problem can cause by seven of every 10 mobile users. A 2011 study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that 16 percent of the phones took shelter of coli (bacteria). Which means that one in six cell phones carries the national components.

Technology Developer

Apple and Intel, the US-based technology company, has made significant improvements to eliminate reliance on accidental miners. Among the miners who can cause accidents include tungsten, tin, tantalum, and gold. Congo military leaders control these mines and work in jail prisoners Another important element in these mines – Cobalt made. Unfortunately, the extraction of this mineral is not normal, Business Insider said. Cobalt used in lithium batteries, which provides power from the smartphone to the electric car.

Artistic Mine Workers

An investigation by the US daily Washington Post revealed the condition of the workers of mine workers. Such workers call ‘artistic mines’, who are not directors of the organization, but they are junking themselves in the mine pit for their livelihood. They are looking for cobalt without any kind of equipment, they often leave empty, even work without security measures. So casualties are going on continuously, children do not exclude from working in the mines. After collection of cobalt, it is clean in river water. Due to this method, the water of the river is pollution, which is responsible for other health problems, including birth complications. It reports in the report that in a day, a commodity earns two to three dollars.

Last Word

Many technology organizations are cautious about the process of collecting the Cobalt, but the steps and interests of different organizations are not the same as the status improvement. Paula Piers, Senior Director of Supply Chain Incharge, Apple’s social responsibility, said that Apple is committed to working with their key suppliers. These include correcting cobalt production conditions and eliminating poverty.

It has been said that other organizations are very less interested in this issue. Lara Smith, a consultant organization consultant in South Africa’s Johannesburg, is working on staff and environmental issues. He said the collection from Cobalt mine is still an issue which the institutions are not taking notice of themselves. He said the institutions cannot accept ignorance. If they want to understand, they will understand.