What Is A Torrent? How Does It Work?


Hope to be consistent with the ever new taste of technology. Besides, since you have opened the TecTunes registration panel for many days, therefore, there is no limit to your joy. However, today’s topics are a little different from the updated technology, but most of the things we use torrent, or many do not understand, do not go to Torrent’s side.

But it is understandable that Torrent is one of the best discoveries of modern technology. Which has totally changed the file sharing system? In order to share large and gigabyte files in such a fast and modern way, the torrent really needs to be kept on top of all the technologies. Come on, do not hesitate to know the latest technology of torrent technology


In 2001 Python Programmer Bram Cohen invented the concept of bit torrent. Torrent started to gain popularity in 2004 and in 2009, the number of torrent users was equal to the amount of Facebook and Youtube users in Dara.

What Is A Torrent?

Currently Torrent is a very familiar word especially if the idea of ​​movie download comes to mind. Torrent is very much used for large size files, videos or software downloads.

The data we download from the Internet is downloaded through various protocols. A protocol can call the road. The road that is downloading the data is Protocol. Torrent is a data or file-sharing protocol. Generally, the files we download are stored on some servers and downloaded from there but the torrent is not downloaded from any server. Its downloads from another computer. P2P File Sharing Network and Balance Network

How Does Torrent Work?

Torrent does not have its own server, so the torrent files store in a small number of PCs. First, create a torrent file with some files or data. This torrent file contains information about what data, data and any data from it will be taken from its computer. After creating it, a torrent downloader is submitting to the site and from there only to download the torrent file. And downloading data through torrent downloader software begins.

Some Words Of A Torrent That Need To Be Known

Those who are already downloading the files, so that those who are still downloading the file can download that file with help from the finished PC. (The fully downloaded PC is a full server for that file) which will allow you to download faster.

Peers are those who have not yet downloaded the entire file, but part of it is part of them, you can download those parts through Peer.
The PC refers to the user who downloads the torrent file or does not seed the Internet disconnector. It reduces download speed.
Up Limit
Up Limit is the measurement of how fast Seed is done even after downloading it from your PC.


Currently Torrent is a very familiar word especially if the idea of ​​movie download comes to mind. Torrent is very much used for large size files, videos or software downloads. Use good antivirus software. Update Anti Virus regularly and keep the antivirus active at that time. Do not go to a suspicious site with a torrent file.

Because those sites contain viruses. Do not double click on any file other than your required file (not all files). Scanning with an antivirus can be doubtful. Do not rename or move the file until it’s completely downloading. Movie files can be played at half-time download, and if you play a lot of time, the file gets copied and will not be downloaded later.

Magnet Link

The name of new technology in the world of torrent is Magnet Link. See, a hash table is attached to the Magnet link. And it uses the Hesse table to locate the location of the nodes around it and track where the file is being uploaded and downloaded. Then he tried to connect with the cedars and gradually started connecting all nodes and downloading the file. Some torrent clients use the tracker to search the client again using some torrent client magnet link.

What To Do To Download High-Speed Torrent?

If you ever need to download a torrent then first you have to look at the torrent cedars on how many. The higher the readers, the better. Seeds and lecturers also need to be proportionate. Kenona thinks torrent cadres 10 thousand but the lecturer’s goal is 1. However, the torrent will not be available, and you will not get good speeds in download. Therefore, the ratio of seeders and lecturers should be fine.