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“The Art of Communication Is the Language of Leadership”

Team bonding not only people together but also its boost team performance. You can handle your team, share your work and feedback your team member by using some communication that makes your life simple. There are many tools on the market available it different to choose the best which one is good for your company and you.  So we are going to list some best team communication tools for you.




Slack makes easy to coordinate with the team member at once place so you can have more work done. It is the powerful tools you can send a message and you can transfer your file here. It is almost available for every device. So you can find and accesses your team and work whatever where are you. Let us know about its features:

Slacks allow you to share, edit documents. It is available in 50 languages and you can customize your notification. It has much integration with other tools like Dropbox, Google Drive twitter or many more.

You can use these things in Windows, Android, iOS, Mac. And you can use its free version or you can update this by spent $8 per month.




Redbooth is one of the best team communication tools and also it is project management software for the team to get the work done. It allows you to customize your notification for you can get you important notification easily. Let’s watch its features:

Redbooth allows you to create tasks, conversation, and update projects anytime. You can view and organize your work from anywhere and anytime. It automatically saves and syncs every information available on this application.

This application is fully free and you can use it from your Android, iSO, Windows or Mac.




Flock is a messaging app for the team and all over the world, 25,000 organizations use it. This application comes with a beautiful interface and also connects with your team via video calls. You can manage projects with to-dos, pools, and reminder. Let’s check its features:

It helps you to discuss with via video or audio call with hassle-free sharing capabilities. It allows sharing files and channels.

It has a free version but if you want to use premium then you have to spend $3 per month. You can use this application in Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.




HipChat is another best group messaging app and its build for team communication and collaboration. It is a great platform to send messages and share files and also integrated 80+ products. And it has great features:

It is private, secure and safe platform to share information. It saves your entire conversation so you can check your chat history when you need it.

You can use its free version but if you want to use its premium then you have to spend $2 per month. You can use it on your Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.


Cisco Spark


It is another team communication application. You can communicate with your team member by audio calling or via video calling. You can do video meeting, messages, calling and also file sharing. Let’s check its valuable features:

This application allows to find what you need and it is fully searchable chat and file history. You can edit your wrong messages. Users can share there file and desktop sessions with other users.

This application is free to use but if you want you to use premium then you have to spend $12 per month. You can use this software on your Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.


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