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Cloud Storage Providers




PCloud Is a best cloud storage program for all those who are looking for an extensive storing solution. The easy-to-use best interface provides the user with the entire great multitasking feature. Its headquarter are in Switzerland. With this help, you can secure your audio, video, pictures, data.

All your stuff will remain with you till you don’t forget it. You can get this for your computer, mobile and download for other processors like Mac, Linux. It has high-speed Download and Upload system like 1 min to upload 1 GB and 36 to download a file.




We all need to take backup of our important files. So that you can trust Zoolz, a trusted partner for online storage for data. It helps you to store any types of file from your desktop, mobile or tablets.

Zoolz is an outstanding service for its backup files. They promise lifetime unlimited storage and security of the files using incredible “Cold Service” provided by Amazon Glacier.




Aabaco business is one updated Yahoo business directed and presented by Yahoo! Inc. Yahoo Directory authoritatively offline on December 2015. And this declared officially as a Small Business. Yahoo is now authoritatively offline. If you going to the website dir.yahoo.com then its redirect and going to the Aabaco small business.




Backblaze is one the most experienced and the best online cloud service. This company faces many ups and down in the market but they don’t stop it they survive and make their position. For its excellent services and updated technology, Backblaze is always winner cloud service.




We all need backup service for the store out files or other data. This is one of the best economical services as well business usage. You can able to access this via any device and anywhere or anytime. It’s very easy to backup file and folders. You can manually update this or by choosing folder or files.



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