What Is Ball Tampering?


In the sport of cricket, ball tampering is an action in which a fielder illegally alters the condition of the ball. The primary motivation of ball tampering is to interfere with the aerodynamics of the ball.It is a big crime in the cricket field. Today we explain about Ball tampering.

Ball Tampering

Cricket law says that if any team wants to shine the ball, but no artificial object can be used for it. The ball is wet, it can be removed with a towel, it can be moved to the umpire’s observation if the claw is felt. Even the spit can be used to shine the ball but nothing else can be used. Any other attempt to change the condition of the ball in other ways is immoral. That is the same ball tampering.

In the last two days, ball-tampering is the most discussed in cricket-world. After returning to cricket, South Africa’s biggest win against Australia has also gone beyond the events. Cameron Bancroft and a yellow colored paper have also questioned the past achievement of Australian cricket. The question arises from this, ball tampering is such a thing, for which such a great debate was born. Why did Steve Smith take such a big risk?

Tampering History 

Now let’s take a look at how to try to distort the ball. Cameron has tried to obliterate the ball with the paper of the Bancroft and saw everyone. In 2013, Faf du Plessis slammed the ball in Zipper, or in the pocket of Michael Atherton in 1994, the ball was also running in the ball. All this is done to make one aspect of the ball rough.

Another way of ball tampering is to make an extra clean of the ball. This is the reason for the fielders to screw up the ball. The teams now charge a number of people to smooth the direction of the ball using the spit. Their responsibility is to use the slip of the hand, using the trousers and spit and keep one side of the ball shining one direction. Joe Root suffered a stomach ache following the test in 2016 in Chittagong. Draining of the field is not bad to wear the spit! But these are legitimate works.

The matter goes to the illegal level when artificial something is used to make the spit more effective. Due Platey was punished for a few minutes before the ball was shiny and shiny. Earlier, the English accused Zaheer Khan of using jelly beans. It has been heard several times in India’s local cricket that Mennot’s use of ball shiny has been used. All these things fall into the tampering phase.

Apart from this, ball tampering is done in a third way. That is, make a little taller than the nails of the ball. It can be done in another way, but one-fifth of the danger of catching. Shaheed Afridi’s ball bite surely missed the memory! These three things are done for one purpose, to give the pace bowlers an additional advantage.

Benefits of Ball Tampering

Once the ball is old, the only way to get the swing is to get one. That is to use the difference between the surface of the two sides of the ball. That means if one aspect is smooth and the other side is rough, then there is a pressure difference between the two surfaces. When the wind erupts, the winds in the smooth part of the wind can be almost smooth. But the air pressure on the surface of rough parts is much more. The higher the difference in these two surface pressures, the more swing the bowlers get.

If you want to get a normal swing, then the pacers will say that the shiny part is in front. And to get the reverse swing, rough part. For this reason, those who do reverse swing more than they can hide before handing it. The batsmen can not predict anything from the front of the ball. So the more smooth or rough the ball, the advantage is for the fielding team. That is why teams want to take risks like ball-tampering to make the ball shiny or rough.