1More IBFree Earphones A Perfect Mate



We are observing a lot of 1More earphones in our test centrum these days. It is single propeller in-ear phones had us impressed and so did the triplex driver in-ears. This time almost we got the Bluetooth earphones. The 1More iBFree so let’s see how they react.


1More iBFree earphone is not anything more to look at. It comes with a grade design with a neckband style form-multiplicator with glace metal conclusion housing the driver. This is fantastic much the distinguishing multiplicator with the iBFree earphones. And you find to choose among green, blue, red and gray colors. The color of the telegram matches with that of the metal back which is reflective.

The box comes with 3 kits of silicone ear tips and sports grips or fins in the small, medium and large sizes. I convinced the default ear tip it came with was not big for my ear size. And I speedily replaced it with a more suitable ear tip. This is best as I didn’t have to go almost searching for the right ear tip magnitude. The hook-like fin hangs on to the lap of the ear to confirm that the earphones do not come off during severe workouts. It comes with the IPX4 rating which confirms that it is water, sweat and dust stops. Both the ear tips and the fins are replaceable.

The fins have exhibitors for right and left both ears and you do watch the 1More marking toward the foundation of the driver. You can endure the telegram backward your neck or in front. I preferred the latter as I understood that the with the telegram backward my neck. The grip would unfix after a point and the crank was puzzling. I liked the rubberized ending on the cable and the fact that it never tangly. You also find a cable cinch. Which is ordinary toward the length to adjust the crank.


I used the earphones principally whilst on a run or when I was commuting. For each other need. I had my Audio-Technica headphones.The thing I Genuinely loved about the is the internment it provided. Call quality was best on the 1More. The people on the other finish had no qualms neatly my hearing. The 1More earphone took almost two hours to charge perfectly and it gave a good 7-8 hours of hearing time.


The iMore iBFree is a fantastic earphone if your primary necessity is a musical follower on your run, at a present price of Rs 3,149, it is definitely cost envisage.