Watch Sports Online For Free


Sports channels are most likely the priciest on TV, particularly if it’s a live stream. Finding an alternative is definitely convenient as long as there is a working internet connection and a device to connect with. Here are a few places to watch sports online and more importantly, for free.


This site offers a few channels accessible as live streams. There’s a bit of variety to choose from, however, most of the games are locked and available to paying viewers or subscribers. Still, a few games are available, limited to the ones that the site has rights to live stream. Hockey, tennis, golf, basketball, and baseball are available sports.

Facebook Watch

The site has limited viewing per week and per user, so it’s not a daily choice but it can be pretty convenient now and then. The site has rights to stream quite range of sports categories. Having a Facebook account is pretty convenient since it gives free access. To enjoy this free sports source, navigate to Facebook watch by simply searching for it and log in. Select the ‘search videos’ option and enter your desired event. There’s even a live option which gives access to live broadcasts by other Facebook users at that moment which can be great although with the poorer video quality. Just about every conceivable sport are available.


The site is actually Austrian, however, it gives access to anyone in the world. It also has the advantage of giving sport from all regions of the world especially soccer matches going down to very insignificant matches which might actually be your own local teams. Multiple choices including motorsports and basketball available in here.


This site is more of a community-sourced sports streams center. At any given time, it’s pretty easy to find links for live streams. The beauty of it is that even professional events are available on the site unlimited. The site is, however, an unofficial source and does not directly stream the matches but rather provides source links. There are several communities on the site for every plausible sport. It also means that malicious links are also likely on the site and of course the site is pretty loaded with annoying ads traffic. Some of the linked sites will be blocked so one might have to sift through several links available to access the desired activity. Almost all sports categories like soccer and tennis are available.


Just like most free sites, there are a lot of unpleasant ad popups but the site still has great stuff and offers a cool sports stream variety. Ad blockers can be pretty useful here to avoid frustration. The site simply gathers streams from other streaming sites which makes it pretty convenient if one does not have the patience to search the web all over. Baseball, rugby and a lot more are available.


This site is a welcome relief as a streaming alternative with some of the best premium channels being accessible here totally free. There’s no subscription required here although non-subscribers can be slightly delayed when watching streams. There is one catch. You can only access this site from India but there’s also a workaround to that: simply use a VPN. Cricket, rugby, WWE, FA Soccer leagues and more in here.


This convenient streaming site has a set of channels that it offers in real-time which can be quite useful. There’s pretty much a lot of redundancy in the available links in case some are down making it more reliable than other streaming sites. It also doesn’t require any annoying signups and the service can be accessed from just about anywhere on the globe. WWE, NFL and a cool collection of over 50 more channels in here.