Argentina Won The Match Without Messi


Argentina vs. Italy

Lionel Messi did not play the friendly match against Italy because of a hamstring injury, but Cristiano Ronaldo played the friendly match against Egypt. Harry Cain, who left the field until the ankle injury, played for England, against the Netherlands. France, on the other hand, could not win even a single-pocket eleven with Colombia. In all, on Friday night’s friendly matches, the winners of the mixed team and strong teams.

Last year, the African Nations Cup was runners-up in Egypt, and European champions Portugal Egypt’s Mohamed Salah is playing in the grounds of Liverpool, Messi and Ronaldo are also behind the scoreboard. Ronaldo scored two goals in the friendly match with the ‘pharaoh’. Even at the very last moment Ronaldo Majy! In the 56th minute, Salah scored the goal, and in the 90th minute, Egypt scored 1-0. At the time of injury, the two goals in the ‘CR Seven’ In the 92nd minute, Ricardo Quarismo scored the equalizer in the crosses of the goal round twice in the goal scored again Ronaldo. This time, the head was touched by the head, the quarismo took the shot.

The Match Without Messi

Argentina did not have a problem to win against Italy despite not playing Messi. Italy’s blue color from the World Cup rainbow dropped, Argentina’s Azashi-blue was also saved at the last minute. After the jersey of the 13th in Davis Astro, Azfarira took to the field on Friday, giving last respect to the late teammate. The coach of the Argentine team wanted to play the main role of coach Jorge Sampauli. Goalkeeper regular face Sereno Romero replaced Chelsea replacement goalkeeper Willie Kablaro as coach. Mascherano, Icardi, Aguero, was also outside. Pavel, Tagialifiko, Fajio, Lanzinias played. JianLuigi Bufon has retired at the death of his friend, he is also the Italian goalkeeper At the age of 40, he was incredibly quick. But Italy could not win his might until the end. Argentina won 2-0. In the 75th minute, Lanengini scored two goals in 85 minutes.

France vs. Colombia

France went on to score 2-0 goals after losing 3 goals in Colombia. In the 11th minute of the match, Olivier Zirad scored the goal of the French, 26th minute the goal scored by Kylian Mbabpas Themas Lemera. Two minutes later, the Colombians reduced the gap, while Luis Murrayel scored across in Hamas Rodriguez’s cross. After the start of the game, in the 62nd minute after the start of the match, Radamel Falakawe scored the equalizer in Colombia and 85 minutes in the semolina Utsati box, José Ezquiedo under the box, after the fall, Valderrama’s successors got the penalty.

Hugan Cintro scored a goal in front of Colombia, and in the rest of the time, there was no other goal. In the same way, the Colombians took great pride in winning the match but the Colombians took the game away.

Netherlands vs. England

Manchester United went on to win 1-0 in Amsterdam, Manchester United winger Jess Liegard, the only goal was scored. In an hour when the thumb of the match clocked, the laggard shot from the edge of the box reached the net of Aranjes. This is the first win of the tournament against England in the United Kingdom after Euro 2002, mid-seven shows no win. Gareth Southgate’s team has not scored any goals in this five-match and 537-minute haul.

On the other hand, this is the first match between coach Donald Ronald Coan of the Dutch who were dropped from the World Cup. In the beginning, he has surely understood that he will have to work with the responsibility of the fall of the Dutch football era.

Other Matches

Germany and Spain scored 1-1 goals. Spain’s Rodrigo scored the last two in two of the last two World Cup champions in Spain. In the 35th minute, Thomas Müller opened the game with a return to Germany. Switzerland beat Greece 1-0, Croatia beat Croatia 2-1 in the 2-1 win, Kazakhstan lost 3-2 in Hungary and Austria lost 3-0 goals in Slovenia to Slovenia Mexico lost 3-0 goals to Iceland and Peru 2-0 in the match to Croatia