Top 10 Lowest Score In Test History


The test is a big platform in cricket. The all-big team is playing cricket. there are many good and bad history in this long platform in cricket. Today we explain top ten low scores in the test cricket.

England vs. New Zealand

On March 22, 2018. England touring New Zealand But England’s first innings stop of 58 runs by New Zealand.

England vs. South Africa

On March 25, 1889, England touring South Africa in Cape Town But South Africa’s second innings were reduce to 43 runs by the tourists.

England vs. India

June 20, 1974, India’s second innings ended at just 42 runs at Lord’s at Lord’s. England won by an innings and 285 runs.

Australia vs. England

Australia, on 10 February 1888, won the toss in Sydney, to send England to bat. The British were all out for 113 runs. Australia was the bowl out for just 42 runs in reply. England won by 126 runs.

New Zealand vs. Australia

New Zealand decided to bat on winning the toss against Australia in Wellington on 29 March 1946. But their innings ended just 42 runs. In reply to Australia’s first innings of 199, Australia won the match by an innings and 103 runs.

England vs. Australia

On 29 May 1902, against England in Birmingham, England started to bat first and scored 376 runs. Australia was reduced to 36 runs in reply to the reply. Australia, who were 46 for two, lost two wickets in the follow-on. The match was the draw.

South Africa vs. Australia

South Africa’s innings ended on 36 runs on 12 February 1932 against Australia in Melbourne. Australia won the match with an innings and 72 runs.

South Africa vs. England

1 April 1899. Again that Cape Town South Africa’s innings ended in a 35-run defeat in reply to England’s 246 runs. South Africa beat the match by 210 runs.

South Africa vs. England

In reply to England’s 438 runs in Birmingham on 14 June 1924, South Africa was a bowl out for 30 runs in reply to bat.

New Zealand vs. England

But the lowest run-scorer in Test cricket is all-out, but New Zealand On 25 March 1955, the home grounds were all-out for 26 runs against England in the Auckland Test.