Deepika Padukone & Virat Kohli Rule Instagram


Virat Kohli Takes Top Honours In First Instagram

Seems like celebrities and superstars are using Instagram as a good platform. They know how to use it for popularity. As the Bollywood stars are getting popular. Now the cricketers also. According to the Instagram Awards which have announced for the first time in India. Kohli has 19.8 million followers as on Monday.

His account generated the biggest number of engagements. when all likes and comments on the content that he shared in 2017  except Story views and video views. The list includes the 20m followers on Instagram. Recently the social site has announced the award. which is the first one in India. Seems like the virats account. It was the most engaged and popular account. Virat has taken the top honors as the most engaged Instagram account.

As of March 2018. Although Kohli’s 19.8 Million followers are lower than some other Indian celebrities. The rules in terms of likes and comments on his posts. But he is king in comments and likes. Followed by him Deepika Padukone also got huge popularity. Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra got 22 million followers. Alia Bhatt with 20.8 million followers. Shraddha Kapoor also ruled on Instagram.

Deepika said in recent interview,

In a statement being connected with my fans and loved ones is extremely important to me. I value the love, support and relation I share with fans and I hope I continue to remain true and realistic. Recently actor Ishaan said It’s a heartwarming thing for inspiration from fans.

Personalities and stars all over the world. I find it enjoyable because it’s about communicating through pictures. On a more personal note, it’s almost like a time travel machine for your memories. this a way to memorize your favorite moments.

It’s assumed connecting with others through this stage and I look too motivated and inspiring more people in the future, too.