Twitter’s Rolling Out its New ‘Bookmarks’ Feature to All Users


Twitter has declared that it’s rolling out this feature after first declaring the coming update back in October 2017. Bookmarks give an option to liking a tweet that you may just mark as something if you want to check out later. As you can understand from the above series, to tag a tweet for later reference. You need to click on the ‘share’ button under the tweet. Then you choose ‘Add Tweet to Bookmarks’ option. When you want to check out later. You choose the ‘Bookmarks’ option from your profile settings.

Once you’ve attached a tweet to the Bookmark list. You can also delete it by clicking the share button on the relevant tweet then choosing ‘remove Tweet from Bookmarks’. Or you can click the more button on your bookmark timeline to remove all bookmarks at one click. Twitter told that with their new share button on all Tweet, you’ll be capable to bookmark a Tweet. And share a tweet via Direct Message. Because they put all sharing actions together for users comfort, it’s comfortable to save and share tweet privately or publicly any time.

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For twitter bookmarking will serve a couple of different purposes as a method. First, masking the obvious, the company said to users have called for a choice to easily and privately save tweets for later. A tweet for later reference, users have also DM-ing tweets to themselves. Bookmarking solves this in a great and powerful way. Bookmarking will help to improve Twitter’s algorithm. And its ensure that users see few related tweets. If users are loving tweets that they don’t really like, that’s apparently placing their systems off track. By eliminating Twitter will be able to good customize their policies to each people attention.