The Virome Project Aims to Prepare Before the Next


Ambitious Global Virome Project Could Mark End of Pandemic Era

viral pandemics can go through peaks.  Like the predators’ relationship. The tragedy of humankind lies in the Therein. Peter said There are a boom and bust mentality.  Peter Daszak is the president of EcoHealth Alliance. It is a health research organization.

“Pandemics are infrequent enough for us to relax and forget about them.” A well-known magazine Daszak. A group of like-minded scientists described a new initiative. The Virome project. That would identify. Catalog hundreds of thousands of yet-to-be-discovered viruses found in wild animals.

There can be 1.6 million undiscovered virus types.  somewhere between 631,000-827,000.  they can spill over humankind. The chance of spilling is increasing. as  Human activities such as the bushmeat trade is crossing over the animal kind.

Peter Daszak added it will cost $1.2 billion to identify the roughly 71 percent of the viruses.

the team believes it can be the hop from animal kind to humankind. the reminder is kind of rare. which can be costly to examine. the work will begin in fall. china would be the location.

The researchers will take blood samples along with oral and genital swabs from rodents. bats and primates are the other sources. They will extract virus.  They will leave the animals.

Peter Daszak is hopeful that the experiment could be useful. It can advance the vaccine development process. Also, it can be chance to be proactive.  Peter Daszak said “We will discover some of these viruses either by studying them with science or the hard way when they emerge as an outbreak. I’d prefer the former,”

The novel outbreaks viruses and its vulnerability to emerging diseases. It can have the big impact on health and economy both. Our main toolkit would be vaccines. But it is often ineffective. Since countermeasure development can outpace the speed of novel viral emergence.