Some Information About YouTube


Many people do not keep music on the computer anymore. If you want to listen to any favorite song you can search YouTube. Similar is the case with the movie. Do not want to waste the hard disk’s gigabytes by storing it on a PC News, entertainment has created a different location for everyone, YouTube. The world’s most popular video sharing sites. Let’s find out some interesting information on this popular site.

YouTube Idea

YouTube started its journey in February 2005. Three founders Shad Harley, Steven Chan and Jawad Karim The three people worked together at online trading platform PayPal. But at the trouble bundle when PayPal bought online auction website eBay All three loose jobs. After leaving the job they wondered what could do. This time they come to YouTube Idea.  They came out to play in the field.

Online Video Dating Site

Popular YouTube as the video sharing site for us. But at the beginning, it was not about to happen. Three entrepreneurs wanted to create an online video dating site. Where a user can upload a video about himself and simultaneously, you can find out from many such videos from your favorite person!

The First Video On YouTube

YouTube co-founder Juan Karim is of Bangladeshi origin. Jawad, the child of the Bangladeshi father and German mother, was born in Germany. At the end of the study in the United States living permanently, Jawad himself uploaded the first video on YouTube. This video titled “Me at the Zoo” shows that the experience of Zawad Zoo is a great experience. Only 19 seconds of this video has been seen around 23 million times. The first video to say!

List Of Websites

According to Alexa, YouTube ranked third on the list of the most visited websites in the world. The two websites on YouTube are Facebook and Google respectively. But interestingly, despite the fact that YouTube is not a search engine, there are more ‘search’ here than Bing,, and Yahoo-like search engines. Determine the amount of search after YouTube’s location.

YouTube Statistic

YouTube’s immensity can sum up with a small statistic. About one and a half hours of video uploaded every second to YouTube. If you say a little bigger about 100 hours per hour or equivalent to 250 days per hour! At the end of the year, the amount of 58 century! If you plan to see all the videos on YouTube, it would be wise to downplay the ghosts from the head.

The Most Watched Video

YouTube’s most watched video is South Korean musician Saier’s ‘Gangnam Style’ music video. The video has been viewed more than 200 million times. Earlier this position was captured by Canadian pop artist Justin Bieber. His song titled ‘Baby’ has been seen around 116 million times.

The Widest Video

If you have enough rest, you can check out YouTube’s highest-rated video. It will not do in a day or two, it will take 25 days to complete the whole video! The 596 hours 31-minute 20-second video created by Jonathan Hendrik, an app developer. What is this extremely long video? Time to read, read one day!


YouTube is no longer a mere entertainment site. As a livelier but many people are choosing ‘YouTube’ profession. Various types of videos can be generated through the upload and upload of YouTube. Recent statistics say that at least one million ‘YouTube’ earnings in almost 30 countries around the world are only earning on YouTube, and only about half of these 10 lakhs are the only jobs. Of course, this number is increasing.

Youtube Celebrating

Youtube on April every year. They have organized different ways to fool the users. Let’s talk about the 1st of April 2009. YouTube turned the entire website back on that day. Everyone was sweat rushing to watch the video!

Tech Giant Google

Just a year after the launch of YouTube, Google bought TechGiant Google. And for this Google had counted 165 billion dollars. Google certainly did not mistake buying YouTube In 2013 alone, Google earned about 150 million dollars from YouTube.