YouTube CEO Addresses Demonetization Anger


New Program:

YouTube will be launching a pilot program with a small group of some users try to address and uplift its creator’s. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki today aimed ongoing disappointment and anger within the maker community over demonetization, he said in his blog post. Creators were told they now required a minimum of 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers of accrued watch time in the last 12 months to be suitable for Partner status, meaning they could earn revenue for their videos.

CEO Susan:

YouTube CEO Susan acknowledged that it has been tough for newcomers to YouTube, and is addressed anxiety over suspension in Partner application reviews. This is hugely unpopular changes to the YouTube Partners programme. Wojcicki said, keep creating and building your audience, For those who have not yet met the new doorsill. Wojcicki also said that they have resources to support you how to grow and learn. We are working to make this faster. Because of we have heard from you that too much lateness in application’s system and that is too much disappointed.

Susan says that for this news some people less happy cause who have to contend with dourer expedience monetizing content on YouTube. Otherwise, that is exciting news for some people who have in the meantime doing very good on Youtube. The broader community on YouTube stronger for creators building their business on the stage. And also while we know many more creators found this change frustrating, it strengthened advertiser confidence, making monetization.

Another significant conversation that has been disclosing in the creator society is freedom of speech. And bad actors looking to exploit YouTube’s algorithm. Creators with channels dedicated to politics or guns have threatened to find alternative platforms. Such as PornHub, to host their videos because YouTube is supposedly discriminating against their content.

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Susan is claiming that the platform YouTube is an unbelievable force for better. And also especially when it comes to education. The stage wants to provide more benefit for creators to engage with fans and address misuse. We hope to occasionally use these new steps, and that fulfills our destination is to strengthen the community. Polygon has reached out to YouTube for more information on some of the larger demonetization problems creators are facing, like view concealment, and will update if more information becomes obtainable.