Facebook Users Out Of Reach Of New EU Privacy Law


European Law:

Facebook has faced many problems due to data scandal. At present, if a European law is enacted, it limits what can be done with the public data. If this is done then around 1.9 billion Facebook users around the world will be much safer. It can be said that the number will be small, which can understand the changes in the online social network. Ireland’s company is regulated by the new proposed terms of service and which has agreed with the international headquarters. Canada and U.S. Facebook users should know and not know about this.

New Planned:

Facebook has a plan next month. And the plan will hold on May 25. The idea is that few continents such as of 1.5 billion Facebook users will not be under the European Union’s Protection Method (GDPR). 1.5 billion members in Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America.

Facebook confirmed their new move on Tuesday. This step is the largest online social network screening around the world. From now on, if anyone uses their information without the permission of Facebook users, then European regulators will have to pay a fine. This step will remove Facebook’s liability. For this step, the world’s annual revenue is up to 4 percent. That can mean millions of dollars in Facebook.


The previous month, the personal information of millions of users has ended with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. The news came to the notice of regulators around the world on Facebook. The change affects more than 70 percent of Facebook’s 2 billion-plus members. As of December, Facebook had 370 million in Europe and 1.52 billion users elsewhere, 239 million users in the Canada and United States. In a statement, Facebook’s move will protect Facebook’s privacy. A Regardless of whether your covenant is with Facebook Inc or Facebook Ireland. And also they apply the similar privacy protections each and everywhere, the company said. Many of other multinational companies want to changes the user’s data protection. All the users entitled a same data privacy protections said in a statement.