Shooting Suspect At YouTube Headquarters Identified


Shooting Suspect At YouTube Headquarters:

Police said an Iranian woman who blogged about surviving in a world filled with “diseases and injustice” opened shot at YouTube‘s California headquarters because she was annoyed at a site she believed was put down her videos, on Wednesday. In English and Persian language online postings, Nasim Najafi Aghdam (39), had railed against the Youtube. Youtube is owned by Alphabet Inc’s Google before clobbering 3 people and murder herself on Tuesday at San Bruno.

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She posted a video in the English language to her YouTube channel. “I am being noticed. I am being filtered on YouTube”, Nasim Najafi said. Ed Barberini is a San Bruno Police Chief. He told reporters “We know that she was sad with video sharing site … that’s the inspiration”. “Whether that increase to the level of terrorism expectedly will be definite in the next few weeks.”

Mountain View police:

Mountain View police said They found Nasim Najafi sleeping in her vehicle a few kilometers from Alphabet’s headquarters. She was “helpful and calm” with the police she spoke with, gave no mention of YouTube and gave no sign she would injure anyone. The San Jose Mercury News quoted Nasim Najafi’s father, Ismail Aghdam, as saying he told police that Nasim Najafi might go to YouTube’s headquarters because she disliked Youtube but Mountain view police disputed that channel.

Police said officers had double spoken with the family after locating her. In a first call, Nasim Najafi’s father said nothing about his girl posing a thread but then called back to say she had upload vegan videos to YouTube. The statement said, “At no point did her brother or father mention anything about possible acts of violence”.

Nasim Najafi’s Family:

However, KTLA and other media reported on Wednesday that Nasim Najafi’s family in a statement published pain over the shooting and care for the victims. The family said, “Our family is in extreme shock and can’t make the feel of what has occurred yesterday”. Nasim Najafi entered the company parking garage. Then she walked to an open-air plaza, where she opened shot. But she was not capable to drive into the building itself, the company said in a statement on Wednesday. The company said The company is “revisiting this occurrence in detail” and will improve security at its offices worldwide.

The San Bruno police chief said Nasim Najafi did not arrive to have targeted special victims when she opened shot with a handgun. Police said Nasim Najafi had visited a range gun range that morning. Nasim Najafi spoke about herself in brave terms for the stay in a hateful society in some posts on online before the attack. She posts in Persian on her Instagram profile “I believe I am doing an excellent job”. “I have no diseases. But I live on a planet that is complete of diseases and injustice.”