Salman Khan Sentenced To 5 Years In Jail


Why Salman Khan Was Convicted In Black Buck Poaching Case But Saif Ali Khan, Tabu and Others Were Let Off

Salman is always surrounded by controversies. He is India’s biggest star. Salman was sentenced to jail for 5 years. he committed a crime by killing the blackbucks. as he was in
Rajasthan 20 years ago. Salman is right now 52-year-old actor. He was also fined with the amount of 10,000 for hunting. The rare antelopes in forests near Jodhpur while filming “Hum Saath Saath Hain” in 1998.

The main reason for this crime makes the following superstar like Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Neelam and Tabu to the killing of the black bucks. as they were involved in the crime. but they were charged with unlawful the crimes intention was not have been established in the court of law.

Salman Khan, being the man who was accused of pulling the trigger.

Was it a more precarious position than any of his Hum Sath-Sath Hai. Co-stars who could just claim of being present in the crime without knowing what was happening.As it can be said it is not prepared.

So after that, all the five actors is where the prosecution seems to have fallen short. Those five stars counsel would have argued in favor of the right to form assembly or association.Because unlawful assembly denotes the congregation of three or more people with the intention to disturb the law and order.

So these charges needed to be proved as they are guilty.Though freedom of assembly or form an association/group is a fundamental right. Its exception is that the act of forming such a crime cannot be to disturb the law and order situation of the country. After that incident, Salman was taken to the Jodhpur Central Jail. Where he spent time in 2006. As the law was forced by the community that is passionate about protecting the blackbuck. An endangered species