Users In Israel Now Connected To WhatsApp


Users In Israel:

At a time when governments are fighting for stringent information security and privacy. Peoples in Israel are now reportedly linked to WhatsApp via the Facebook servers, said a report on Yesterday. According to a blog, a website that traces WhatsApp Beta. The switch has made to guarantee excellent connection quality. The website tweet “All users are soon connecting to WhatsApp”.

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WhatsApp, however, was still to approve the report. According to a blog, WhatsApp or Facebook can only read meta information of messages. The blog tweeted “For example, if the message you are sending a video, an image etc. its date, the phone number of the receiver. Answering to the blog, a Twitter user said: “Encryption is not an issue. It is only that meta information like online time, last seen, etc. Which are dynamic”.

However, the website said that the reality that WhatsApp is beginning to use the Facebook servers need not worry you. “This just guarantees a good quality of the connection. All calls and chats are end-to-end encrypted. So anyone cannot read or listen calls or chats. The website tweeted “Everything is encrypted, also Stickers”. The website has asked users to wait till May “to view which information is actually stored in the WhatsApp server and if they might be a difficulty for us”.

European Union:

The EU has asked service providers and businesses globally to consent to its latest privacy law the GDPR. GDPR that comes into force from May 25, 2018. The EU GDPR has created to harmonize information privacy laws across Europe.

WhatsApp past month signed a public commitment with Britain’s ICO. not to share peoples private data with Facebook. Elizabeth Denham is an Information Commissioner. He said in a statement “WhatsApp has confirmed us that no UK people data has ever shared with Facebook,”