Now Instagram Allow to Follow Hashtags


Instagram Hashtags features:

Hashtags are key to search a word in whole content. Now Instagram users easily use Hashtags.  This is simply shiny features from Instagram. Instagram make hashtag easier and it is discoverable on Instagram. This feature was previously tested now its quality. More than one million people share photos and upload videos in a day. You can see the top post from your selected hashtag topics.

How to Follow Hashtags:

You can follow hashtags as you follow friends. First, you search a hashtag topic you like to follow then you can see the topic and tap on it.  For searching a topic you just tap or touch on the hashtag top then the result will show. You can see all post form your selected hashtags. If you want to unfollow a hashtag topic.

Anytime You can unfollow a hashtag topic the same way to unfollow the user. Any user can see your hashtag post. If you want to hide your post from unknown people, you need to go to privacy settings then set your profile private then your post only visible to your followers. The company makes this new features for attracting users. You can find more way to search hashtag topics.

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