Twitter Is Adding Video View Count Features


Twitter release video view count features:

Finally, Twitter is adding video view counts features. It is a little revolution on this social media and also a small feature. when you shared your video on this platform then twitter counting how many people watching your video. Now people can easily know how many views on his video. Anyone can make the decision which video is popular. The company is trying to present more attractive service for users. Twitter think this feature encourages people to share more video.

Marketers on Twitter can easily compare with the other platforms like Instagram, facebook, youtube and other sites. Twitter count 1 view when a user video watching time minimum 2 sec and 50% of the video on the screen. Twitter video view count will not available on live streams. Media Rating Council standards are held for video view counter features. One year ago  Twitter said to measure a video view for advertisers and marketers. This feature is now in testing mode.

At this time people watch video is count as Media Rating Council views. In the testing mode, some people are now seeing video view counts features in their videos. This features released for worldwide in 2018. Twitter also can make sure secure users videos.

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