Common Facebook Messenger Problems And Solutions


Messenger problems and solutions:

Some time Facebook users face unwanted problems. Here are the most common Facebook Messenger problems and their solutions.

You can’t send messages:

When you’re trying to send a message to your friend and Facebook Messenger is not delivered your message. firstly, check the app is up to date. Go to Google Play Store apps, hit the menu button then tap on My apps & games. Now you see update required apps if you find facebook messenger then update it.

Facebook Messenger is not working:

If you see an error message like Unfortunately Facebook Messenger has stopped or displayed a blank screen.

At First check, your Android OS version is up to date. For checking OS version update go to About Device option then you can see Update now option just tap on that. Make sure you’re connected to the internet via wifi and your phone battery is 50% to 70%. Then the problem automatically solved.

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