Facebook Announced Messenger Redesign Is Coming


Messenger Redesign:

Social media giant Facebook has declared that a full redesign is arriving at its Messenger app. According to the data given by the reference, this redesign is really coming in the near future, even though a particular time period was not given. It was shared, however, that Facebook has been managing on this redesign since the beginning of this year. And the latest design is guessed to bring a simplified and transparent experience, while it will also add a dark theme.

The company had received a while back that Messenger has become too bloated. And that the company will get some weight off it in the future. This latest design seems to be aimed at simply that, returning Messenger to its natural state, a true messaging app without a ton of additional non-messaging features. The company has introduced adds to Messenger, along with a lot of other features, such as gaming, for instance.

Messenger on iOS:

Still, it is unclear whether Facebook aims to eliminate some of those features once the latest design appears, or will they stay in the app. We’ll simply have to wait and see. If the company ends up eliminating gaming, for instance. Possibilities are we’ll get the latest app which is aimed surely at gaming unless Facebook chooses to reject it altogether on phone, we’ll see. Now, as far as the latest design is worried. There are two pictures we get, which are displaying the main page of latest Messenger on iOS. And the app will apparently look similar, if not identical, on Android as well.

New Dark Theme:

So, as people can see, people will get some icons on the ground. While a search bar will be noticeably bigger. One of the pictures really shows us what will new dark theme look like. And that has been a highly-requested feature for this app. So it’s nice to see that the company plans to attach it once the latest design comes. It is value noting that this is the 1st main change to Messenger ever since the present design arrived a few of years ago, and back then, that was a main change for the platform, as Messenger used to look a lot different. It is formerly known as Facebook Messenger.