Facebook’s Strict Measures On Ad Targeting


Facebook Plans:

Facebook scrambles to add safeguards against misuse of user data as it reels from since over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Now Facebook will launch a certification tool. That claims that marketers surety email addresses used for ad targeting were performed. This new Custom Audiences certification tool narrate by a Facebook surrogate to their marketing clients, according to two sources. Facebook will also obstruct the sharing of Custom Audience data across Business accounts.

This bibelot of a message sent by a Facebook renown to a client notes that for any tradition Audiences data imported among Facebook, Advertisers will necessary to describe and warrant that accurate user satisfied obtained. Once shown the message, Facebook spokesperson Elisabeth Diana told TechCrunch I can assure there is a permissions tool that we are building. It will necessary that advertisers and the organization representing them promise that I certify that I have consent to use this data.


We have always had a position in place to assure that advertisers have an agreement for data they use but we are going to make that much greater and educate advertisers on the pathway they can use the data. The change is not in reaction to an appointed incident. But Facebook does plan to re-investigate the pathway it works with third-party data assessment firms to assure everything is responsibly use.

This is a pathway to protection data Diana terminated.The company declined to specify whether it is ever blocked the use of a Custom Audience because of it suspected the owner did not have user consent.


Now Facebook must get pathways to thwart abuse of its targeting tools and survey anyone. It mistrust may have already violated its policies. Otherwise, it may receive the ire of privacy-sentient users and critics. A strengthen the case for substantial regulation of its ads although regulation could end up protecting. Facebook since opponents who cannot afford consent. Still, the question bone why it took such a voluminous data privacy scandal.

Facebook to take a tougher stance on requiring user compliance for ad targeting. And given that written promises did not stop Kogan or Cambridge Analytica from misuse data. Why would they stop advertisers subdued on boosting profits?