Save the Bees & Effortlessly Harvest Endless Fresh Honey


Beekeepers Dream Come True

The health benefits of honey are amazing. But the honey extraction is too much difficult. there are many health benefits of honey itself. Most farmers be a beekeeper who has spent countless hours delicately collecting honey.

Seems like they are activist or environmentalist that wants to help our bee friends. Repopulate but always thought to raise bees was more work than you could handle. But the new invention is going to blow everyone.

As there are benefits of it. there are some problems too. Well, it is very costly indeed. it costs $600. for $600, you get a full automatic bee farm easily. Although many beekeepers I’ve spoken to believe that it’s overpriced and unsustainable. This hive costs more than a standard Langstroth hive. as Ricciardi said Flow Hive invites lazy. hungry honey eaters who are also terrified of being stung.

It will create a generation of oblivious people who don’t know the delicate mechanics of the beautiful hive.” from the beginning queen bee. the man who has revolutionized the beehive will have to manage his workers. after this inventions, the Flow has turned him into a millionaire overnight.

The hives were created by Cedar Anderson and his father Stuart Anderson.

They created the Flow have over a decade of ‘tinkering in their shed’. To revolutionize the way beekeepers harvest and take care of their bees. This idea allows the beekeepers to work. With one another by. creating a tap system allowing honey to collected without annoying the bees.

This process also can observe as a viewing panel in the device without opening. and disrupt the bees or be killing them when trying to check the honeycomb channels.  Stuart said We wanted to create something. that would help people understand the interconnectedness Of Bees. And people and increase awareness of the importance. of the bees as one factor of how we interact with our environment.