International Mother Language Day


Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day is celebrated on 21st February.  basically, the main purpose is to create awareness. the awareness is all about language and diversity.  international Mother Language Day. was announced by UNESCO on November 17, 1999. from then it is celebrated every year on the same date.

The date represents the day 21st February 1952 when four young students were killed in Dhaka. language is the most powerful tool to develop culture. Because of this unfortunate incident. International Mother Language Day is celebrated in all over the world.  but it is the holiday in Bangladesh.

At the partition of India in 1947.

The Bengal province was divided according to the predominant religions of the inhabitants. the eastern part became a province of Pakistan known as East Bengal and later East Pakistan.

Anyway, from the beginning, there were issues between east and west Pakistan. The issues were economic, cultural and lingual friction between East and West Pakistan. The situation got worse. When Pakistan’s government declared that Urdu was the sole national language. This incident sparked the Bengali speaking peoples.

The government outlawed the protests.

But on February 21, 1952. Students at the University of Dhaka.  Other peoples got into protest. The police opened fire. The demonstrators and killed four students. These students got killed in this day. Now it is known as International Mother Language Day.

Bengali became an official language. in Pakistan on February 29, 1956. Bangladesh became fully independent. and it also gained its language. On November 17, 1999, UNESCO proclaimed February 21. to be International Mother Language Day.

On International Mother Language Day UNESCO and other UN agencies take part in the events. they promote cultural and linguistic diversity.  appreciate Bangladeshi people.   provide them with awareness regarding the promotion of their language and culture towards other countries.

This day people go to sahid miner to pay respect.  a time for Bangladeshis to celebrate their culture. The prizes are given to those who made the outstanding performance. in language and cultural diversity.