Smallpox Was Eliminated Successfully In Human History



About 1796 Dr Edward Jener, a physician who lives in Berkeley, England. One day noticed that the house of a woman with a milk powder was not infected with smallpox. People in the neighborhood affected by Petulia. But they are not able to infect some of the heavily infected youngsters. In those days, the mortality rate of people living in hundreds of years was very high. Even in the last century, three people died in every ten, this is a terrible disease.

Dr. Jenner decides that he will check this girl, in any case, the girl’s body will have a defense against herbivorous Variola virus. If that defense rebuilt, then millions of people will be saved. Dr. Edward Jener went to her house to check out this issue. He found that the cows in the girl’s house are all obese. There are a few types of eczema in the cortex like smallpox, its name was Cowpox. In the body of the bull should also be seen in small pieces of fluid.

The genre understands that maybe one of the girls may have infected with the cow’s body and has not been able to create a disease in the body of the girl, as well as the resistance against the cysts.

Check the Concept

Dr. Zenner decides that he will check this concept. The 8-year-old boy made a little wound in the body of a baby boy, and then brought the liquid collected from the carrion wounds. If the wound of the child immediately swells, then everything will be okay within a few days.

After a few days, Dr. Zener entered the germ of the same body again. But now it is not a cowpox germanic acid, but it is necessary to enter the smallpox germs of fresh water. The child gets sick and gets sick within a few days, and can not be attacked by the petite children. Dr. Zenner realizes that in this way it is possible to save the lives of millions of people from the control of smallpox. The news of this vaccine procedure spreads rapidly around smallpox. In all areas, doctors started vaccinating people in the same way.


More advanced tactics have developed against day-to-day complications Not only that, but the vaccine has also been discovered against diseases such as polio, measles, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, hooping, and tetanus. Humanity has been trying to create remedies and prevention against the harmful microbes since its civilization. In this age of information technology, medical science has achieved great success in the field of improvement, prevention, and resistance against microbes, when the highest peak of progress.

Treatment for all diseases, if it is a disease, it has been treated. If someone gets infected with HIV virus, its AIDS occurs once, its death is confirmed, but there is also medical treatment available. ‘Antiretroviral drug’; Through this, the life of an AIDS patient prolonged, as long as the patient lives, he will be able to live a healthy life. And the research that continues to do around the world is also being carried out worldwide.

There is a saying in medical science that it is best to prevent any disease than the remedy. Medical science works in this regard before everyone, that it can not be fully prevented against the disease. The research is still going on. We can not see empty eyes, but they feel the existence of them.

Present Condition

Immunization prevents the disease. Immediately after the birth of newborn 6 vaccinations against 10 diseases, Bangladesh Government has already confirmed through the EPI program. Vaccination begins immediately after the birth of a baby, ending with all vaccines from being 15 months old. History of smallpox diseases is very old, ancient Egyptian moms have also found to be available in smallpox.

Later, one is found in Somalia, which is initially thought to be malaria. After a thorough examination, an employee of the smallpox eradication program confirmed that the person is suffering from colon cancer. He has cured by adequate medical treatment and treatment in full swing.

It took about 200 years to remove the disease from the world by following Dr. Jenner’s discovery process. This vaccine was the first discovered vaccine, due to the World Health Organization’s tie-up with the contributions of this disease, the first ever and only cleansed disease