Before Buying A Second-Hand Mobile Phone


Second-Hand Smartphones, such as a good phone you can afford to use low cost, are not even less likely to buy them. So do not buy second-hand smartphones and do not care for some things. And today’s post about them.

From Whom Buy

This is the most important step for the cheat. If you buy a smartphone from anyone you know in your real life, then you can be quite sure. If there is a problem after buying, you get a chance to talk about it.

But the trouble is in online shopping. In that case, if you have a smart smartphone, you should contact the seller directly and talk about some basic information about it. In the case of transactions, you can have a mediator.

Check The Papers

Nowadays, fake and stolen smartphones have become marketable. Someone might even steal a smartphone stolen. In that case, you can face harassment later. So you should buy a smartphone with the box and match the phone’s IMEI number. As well as the receipt of the shop from which you have purchased a smartphone, you can be more involved.

If the smartphone has a warranty’s validity, then you will also be able to get the warranty in Bangladesh whether it is a warranty. And thinks the warranty card will also ask for it. If possible, collect vendor’s National ID card photocopies and pictures.

Software Checks

This is a very important step. If you can handle hardware errors from the outside, it is difficult to determine if there is any limitation on the software. For example, see if Icloud is locked in the iPhone. Find out if there is a warranty for the Android Roots set.

However, buying a rooted smartphone is no problem. But warranty if you want to see if it is root. The seller will take the necessary passwords from the seller. It is best to buy a phone in a factory reset. The first thing to look at before buying a phone is the processor. Good processor means the phone will be super fast, do not hang the phone while playing the game and the photo editing will be done soon. The Snapdragon 600 series processor has a medium-range phone, but the best is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 810 processors. 64 bits for iPhone, A9 Chip is the best. Which is the iPhone Six

Hardware Test

Although it may look better to look out from the outside, due to shock or fall, different sensors such as cameras, Bluetooth, WiFi, radio, etc. can not work. So these should be checked. You can get many apps in the play store call Hardware Test to check. Fingerprint security, shutter proof, scratch-proof screen, Gorilla glass, waterproof, NFC tag, all these sophisticated smartphone features. As the budget increases, the more it will be added to the phone’s features. If you can support, then buy the phone that has all these benefits. Again, one of the two budget smartphones is available.

Do not forget to test various parts such as USB, headphone jack, etc. The battery case will be the most watched. Almost all smartphones have non-removable batteries. So if you have a bad battery, you will have to miss it. If possible, check the battery status of the smartphone from the accelerator battery data usage with different apps.