E-commerce And Bangladesh



E-commerce is the activity of buying or selling of products and services online or over the internet. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.


In the last few years, the rate of trade between websites and Facebook pages increased. Different types of e-commerce organizations and initiatives are there in Dhaka including all around the country. The number of e-cab subscribers is 721.
According to e-cab information, e-commerce customers and customers have increased in Dhaka and beyond for a few years. The number of customers outside Dhaka has increased. The e-cab has grown bigger as a society.

E-commerce Week

E-commerce week is commemorated on business from Business to e-Business (business-to-business) on April 7 to 13. The day celebrated on 7th April. Organizers of e-commerce association of Bangladesh or e-cab.

E-Cab General Secretary Mohammad Abdul Wahid said, “We are working with the government to accelerate the overall development of the country’s e-commerce sector. Want to create the e-commerce-friendly environment across the country. That is why we are organizing e-commerce weeks. Digital business transformation is now the demand of 70 million registered business entities. ‘

E-cab Information

According to the e-cab information, the amount of annual transaction of e-commerce sector has exceeded one thousand crore taka. In the country, there are more than 5000 directive and indirect entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sector, with more than one thousand entrepreneurs and five thousand F-Commerce users. More than 50 thousand people work in this sector. With 20 percent growth in the sector every year, more jobs will create in the next few years.

Recently, according to the e-commerce trend published by Kemu.com, the transaction of e-commerce in Bangladesh is increasing by 10% every year. E-commerce buyers are mainly urban centers. 80 percent of buyers in Dhaka, Gazipur and Chittagong. In Dhaka, 35 percent, Chittagong has 39 percent and Gazipur has 13 percent. The other two cities are Narayanganj and Sylhet. 75 percent e-commerce customer ages 18 to 34 years. 95 percent of consumers still prefer to pay more on cash or delivery methods after supply.

E-Cab President Shami Kaiser says that ‘digital economy’ system can not¬†implement to bring digital Bangladesh without requiring the necessary training to the public. The development of the digital economy will be possible only when people across the country can be included in the digital facility.