Some Important Tips To Stay Safe On The Internet


Without the Internet, the modern world is known for outdated. We each enjoy the benefits of the Internet in some way.Now you are reading this post, so you are also covered by the Internet. How many sites we visit each day, how much content is seen. And in this way, miscreants have caused various types of damage to the internet users by various means. Some people are removing important files, stealing credit card information, handling money with false information, cheating on knowing passwords, how much more! Today’s post with some tips to stay safe from these problems.

Be careful about downloading

While browsing the various sites on the Internet, there is a lot of appealing offers for downloadable advertisements. Think twice before clicking them. Be careful about downloading from any site other than a known and trusted the site. Malware/virus is inserted by talking about cracks, key genes, etc. on different sites. Best of all, if you do not download from anywhere other than reliable sites. And you can use any antivirus software (such as Windows Defender) to scan downloaded fi

Use Password Manager

Many people use the same password for multiple sites due to fear of remembering passwords. But that’s not right. Because, if all of your online accounts are in danger, then your password will be in jeopardy. You should use a password manager to avoid having trouble remembering the password yourself. There are many built-in password managers in browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc. They can access on multiple devices by synchronizing online. So you can use these services if you want. And of course, use difficult passwords and write them in safe

Notice the browser’s address bar

There are many attackers, who create fake sites to look like popular sites and ask people to log in with them. The visitors then failed to log in with the username password. Before leaving this problem online, please let us know if you are on a site. In this case, a password manager app will be a great help. Because the password you saved for a site does not automatically suggest from another site. So when your passwords do not show the password automatically on the login page of the saved site, check the address bar to make sure that you are actually on a site. It is very important to have HTTPS in green color at the beginning of the address. Because the third party hackers can detect your confidential information (passwords, debit card information, etc.) by hacking the Internet connection while browsing HTTP (S) sites at the beginning.

Turn on Two-Step Verification in Online Account

In the two-step verification method, many websites are sure to identify their identity in a second way without the username and password of their users. If you use it, you will need to enter another PIN code every time you sign in to the desired service (for example, Gmail) in the new device/browser. This code comes via mobile SMS. These are also called security codes, which are sent from the server every time. While using the username-password, at the same time your mobile phone is less likely to be hacked. This way your account can also be protected from hacking.