The Untold Story Of Angry Birds


It’s hard to find people who use smartphones but do not hear the names of Angry Birds. And if you hear the name of the first Angry Birds today, then it’s a bad luck for that game. Anyway, the Angry Birds was at the peak of popularity, especially in the year 2013-14. But in the meantime, Angry Birds creator company Rovi is passing through bad times. Even an office of the company is close and the head of the Rovio Games division, Wilhelm Tait, resigned. but why?

Recession Business Recession

The Finland-based organization, Rovio, also provides some licenses of ‘Angry Birds’ to their third-party brand, in which other companies use the popularity of Angry Birds to produce various products (such as toys) and sell them. But this year, the revenue from the license will reduce by almost half (40%), Rovio fears. So it’s a big push.

Competition And Cost

The competition in today’s world is a big and glorious uncertainty. There are different app trends at different times. For example, Clash of Clans Games, Pokémon games – they are also popular. So, the new games will reduce the old market share of old. Rovio says that their marketing costs have increased more than before. The company also pruned 60 people or 13% of its employees.

Wrong Extension

In 2017, Rovio launched an office in London. But last week Robivo closed the London office after being hit by a financial crisis. It could not fulfill their expectations. With the announcement of the closure of London’s office, Rovio also released the news of the resignation of Wilhelm, head of the Games division. However, work will continue in the ROVO Finland and Sweden offices.

What Happens Next?

Rovio earns 350 million dollars from the Angry Birds Animation Movie in 2016. A sequel to this movie is releasing in 2015. The company will also build multiplayer games and invest more in-game streaming (or cloud gaming) service hatch.