A Robot Can Walk, Jump And Swim

Over time, the technology has started to touch every aspect. With the help of technology, hundreds of people have been able to work in a few minutes. In this series – German researchers have created such a small robot. The robot walks ahead by walking, jumping and crawling. So if you need to swim.

About this Robot

The inspiration to create a robot is from jellyfish and caterpillar animals. One-seventh of an inch in size. People will be able to travel safely indigestion. But the design is not final yet. He said Meeting City He is the head of the Department of Physical Intelligence of the Max Planck Institute in Germany. These researchers are led by the team.

Robots Technology

The robot is made from just 4 millimeters long and a soft elastic polymer, which enables it to rotate harder – and inside the liquid. And although it looks as if it is alive, its movement’s movement is magnetic.

Inserted in numerous magnetic elements inside. If you want to control from the outside, you have to change the magnetic properties. The robot will contain any size instead of rubber. That’s how they move. It seems alive. It will be useful to move around in the complex tissues of blood vessels in the future. That is, the place where the current technology is difficult or impossible to reach, the robot can use. The size will reduce to microscopic levels.

Medical treatment

The robot in the human body has not tested yet. But the treatment is being made for use. For example, it may be useful to reach medicines within the body
If the body is lost inside? The current version does not completely dissolve inside the body. But working with a completely robust robot. In the future, the robot will dissolve in the body without any side effects or poisoning