How To Learn Bill Gates Still?


William Henry Gates is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and principal founder of Microsoft Corporation. There is no better time for survivors to survive. In my childhood, when I wanted to learn something beyond school education, the best way was to sit in my World Book Encyclopedia. Now it’s just going online. There are many opportunities to learn, but some of my favorite methods of continuing education are those.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s short videos are a great way to educate in a short time. My children used videos for their class, and I did it after school, to give a reflection on the unread issues. Khan Academy’s videos are a great source for complex topics, such as from general arithmetic to electrical engineering.

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Big History Project

I might be a little favorable in this case. Because it has financial support for establishing. If you think of yourself as a lifelong student and you should look at your Big History project. From the Big Bang to the present, a detailed description of the history of the universe will be available in this free online course.

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I think anyone who learns basic programming signals will benefit. Even if it does not look like everyday life. Computer science inspires you to develop a short guide to solving any problem. For any level students ‘code dot org’ is a great source, I have had the opportunity to contribute in some matters.

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The Teaching Company

The Teaching Company ‘is one of my favorite mediums for educational topics. You may think that they have excellent teachers for any topic. While traveling, I keep them with at least one DVD. Nowadays, learning about oceanography, surveillance, and autobiology

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