Battery Powered Automatic Air-Taxi


New Zealand’s Kitty Hawk company has invented a battery-powered taxi, which can fly alone. The company, invested by Google founder Larry Page, says this electric-powered air taxi can fly at 180 kilometers per hour. It also uses the self-flying software. However, people can also take control of it if needed.


New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern announce a new agreement with a company financed by Google co-Founder Larry Page to test autonomous air taxis for official certification in the country, reports The New York Times. Kitty Hawk, the company building the autonomous planes, has aspirations the partnership will lead to a commercial network of taxis in the country in the next three years.He is already reportedly working on an Uber-like app that will allow customers to hail one of its air taxis.

Kitty Hawk says it chose New Zealand as a launch pad for the Cora because the country has a dynamic economy.  Its Civil Aviation Authority has “the respect of the worldwide regulatory community”. Talks had reportedly been ongoing for 18 months, with multiple government agencies involved.

Kitty Hawk is also known for its other “flying cars” including an all-electric aircraft that’s designed to operate over water and doesn’t require a pilot’s license to operate. While the concept of an air-taxi is nothing new. There haven’t been substantial developments in commercializing a fleet for consumer use.


When the battery charged once, it 100 can fly 100 km alone at a distance. Such an aircraft is called ETVOL, ie Electric Vertical Take-Off, and Landing. Such aircraft can use in the future as Air Taxi, Kitty Haq officials think.

Although airplanes, it can fly straight into the sky like a helicopter. And come down to the ground just like a helicopter. An expert has said that many companies are now conducting secret research on EVTOL. But Steve Wright, a professor of aerospace engineering at the University of West of England, thinks the concept of the Koto Haque Kona model aircraft is the most interesting.